Robotech Binoculars – Random Toys

Licensed merchandise can be good or bad….then sometimes they’re so bad they’re awesome. That’s the category today’s Random Toy falls into. Let’s take a look at Arco’s Robotech Binoculars

Robotech Binoculars 001Robotech Binoculars 002In 1985 Arco released a simplified transformer with Robotech stickers called Robotech Binoculars. The Binoculars are sized for children to use and look pretty accurate to real binoculars (even if they don’t really magnify anything)


Robotech Binoculars 003The transformation is very simple. The head flips up and spins around, the arms unfold outward with the lower arms hidden beneath the upper arms and the legs pull downwards and rotate slightly to lock into place. The transformation joints gives the Robotech Binoculars decent arm articulation with swivel/hinge shoulders and hinged elbows.


Robotech Binoculars 004I really like the head sculpt and it feels like a stroke of genius using the screws that hold the head together as the robot’s eyes. Just like the arms, the transformation joints adds some articulation to the head allowing it to rotate back and forth and look upwards.



Robotech Binoculars 005Arco used the same mold in their GoBots line of licensed toys. You are probably more familiar with their GoBots Rogun line of child water guns and cap guns with GoBots stickers on them. The Robotech Binoculars are a much darker color and look a little less childlike compared to the GoBots version.



Robotech Binoculars 006Here you can see a close up showing the difference of the paint apps on the heads and the stickers underneath. The Robotech Binoculars actually have less paint apps, but the stickers look closer to something you’d find on most 80’s robot toys rather than the kiddy-like ones on the GoBots Binoculars.



Robotech Binoculars 007While the Robotech Binoculars are obvious 80’s cash grabs probably sold in dime stores back then, I love the look of them in robot mode. The fact that the robot turns into binoculars is funny to me, but I do like that they look real. I always enjoyed the robots that turned into real world items back in the day like Soundwave and Megatron, so when I saw the Robotech Binoculars sitting in a local comics store window a few months back, I knew I HAD to buy it.