Robocop 2014 First Look

It seems these pics were not supposed to go out just yet but Spanish online store Kanpekisetto what appears to be a first look at the upcoming Robocop reboot merchandise. The main line of figures look to be 4″ tall and we will get 3 different Robocops. Here is a rundown on what was shown:

Robocop 12″ Action Figure
Robocop 1.0, Robocop 2.0, Robocop 3.0 4″ Action Figures
Robocop 3.0 6″ Action Figure
Robocop Role Play Helmet
Robocop Role Play Chest Plate
Robocop 3.0 – Radio Controlled Motorcycle
Robo cop 3.0 4″ Action Figure Motorcycle

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Robocop-Helmet Robocop-Chest-Plate Robocop-12-Inch-Action-Figure Robocop-4-Inch-Action-Figures Robocop-3.0-6-Inch-Action-Figure Robocop-3.0-4-Inch-Motocycle Robocop-Radio-Controlled-Motorcycle