Robocop (1987) ED-209 New Images!!

NECA has released new, updated images of their upcoming Robocop (1987) ED-209 figure. The new images gives us some updated packaging and loose photos. Also included is a video showcasing the sound effects of the figure. More from NECA:

Standing nearly 10″ tall, the Enforcement Droid 209 Series is totally in scale with the 7″ Robocop figures. It’s fully poseable and features articulated head, legs that slide up and down, hinged arm wing panels, poseable cannon arms, and pop-out rocket launcher on the right arm. Also features movie accurate sound effects and dialogue – press a button and hear the hydraulic machinery sounds, the guttural metal growls, “Warning, Throw Down Your Weapon, You Have 15 seconds to comply” and more!

Comes in deluxe closed box packaging featuring original illustrations by Jason Edmiston and product photography highlighting key action features.

The ED-209 Action Figure with Sound is scheduled to ship in early January.

NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-001 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-002 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-003 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-004 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-005 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-006 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-007 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-008 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-009 NECA-Robocop-1987-ED-209-010