Rise of the TMNT Michelangelo Figure Review

Rise of the TMNT Michelangelo Figure Review

As you all know, we have a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle animated series and toy line for 2018! There’s been a little hate spewing from the community on interpretation but I am here to tell you, these toys are incredible! If you have love for TMNT then stick around and let me win you over with what I think, is the best TMNT toy line TO DATE!

Yes that was one bold statement and I promise we will get into the figure but first let’s review some important details. Many fans grumbled when the line was revealed at Toy Fair due to the drastic changes to the mythology and direction but know this; to keep TMNT fresh and rejuvenated, Playmates had to change things up. This was a critical move for Playmates and for the property as a whole. I know change is hard but I encourage you all to give this line a chance. so with that let’s get down to business! What we have here is one of the finest Michelangelo figures to date. Yes he is different but he rocks!

We all know the turtles have different personalities and it shows with the toys. This figure made me a fan all over again and the reason why is the articulation. Playmates got articulated with this line and from my count, we have over 20 points for Mikey. In the day and age when some companies are cutting back on articulation, Playmates increases it!  We have multiple points in the arms, legs, and shoulders (plus a few more) and is refreshing. This will give fans possability options and you will catch yourself fidgeting with this figure right out of the package.  I could tell Mikey had good movement the instant he was in my hands. 

Now let’s look at the paint applications. The samples we received seems to be on par with previous figures. This one has a little swatch of paint smear above the knee and it’s a little messy around the feet. By the way, this is the only knit pick I could find!  Other than that, the paint apps are clean on the rest of the figure and of course it shows Mickeys personality very well. This particular figure comes with a sticker sheet so you can add “tattoos” to Mikey’s shell or if you prefer, it could be graffiti on the sewer playset or art for his skateboard. Speaking of accessories..

Mikey comes with an assortment of weapons and a killer skateboard. You have options here folks so get them out and play! Personally I like his chucks and for me, that is his go to weapon. You have no flexibility with them but I am good with that. I can see myself setting up some dios with this and kids will go nuts for these. Also look for those throwing stars that makes all vintage collectors cringe. If you are a completist then you know what I mean. Overall his accessories work well and are fitting for this character. 

Im telling you guys now, this is a solid action figure so please give them a shot. You all will love the articulation and maybe, just maybe, the show will grow on you. This line has potential at retail and it could very well capture a spot in our annual top 10 list. This is only the start though, we have quite a few more to go and we aim to get 2 up a week! For now Michelangelo is the top Turtle but we have a monster of a figure coming up next..