RIP Toys R Us- We Miss You Already

As of Thursday and Friday, Toys R Us is no more. Such a shame folks as this was everyone’s toy store. I have deep rooted history with this company and even though our divorce was messy, I very much still loved the company. Yes, I am a Toys R Us kid and I always will be. I really hate the fact that kids coming up will never know the joy of walking into one of these stores for the first time. 

Today most store who closed this week will lock the doors one final time. Ill be honest, im sad but hopeful. While the current format of Toys R Us is complete, we might have a resurrection down the road. It’s too early to tell but the powers that be are looking into ways of bringing Geoffrey back into the picture. I would not expect anything this season but maybe next season. Also KB Toys, my old and beautiful flame is set to return this year! I sure hope that happens as I shudder at the thought kids having to shop Wal-Marts pathetic toy sections. 

Lets all take a moment and think of some cool memories you have with Toys R Us and if you would be so kind, post them down in the comments section so we all can enjoy them! My memories center around old friends and colleagues who made the job joyful and exciting. I remember the late night resets, phase changes and so much more. As a merchandiser by trade, this was fun! I also remember the first time I got a set of keys, that my friends was frightening but exciting. I will never miss the reshop but talking and working side by side with fellow employees made this bearable. Was I the best manager? Absolutely not but my heart was in the right place and I grew so much with this company. These are the things I will miss the most and you know that old saying, you never know what you have until it’s gone. I felt horrible after KB closed but I had no idea Toys would take that same path a decade later. Until next time Toys R Us…..