Revoltech BTTF DeLorean & Star Wars X-Wing

Tag Hobby has revealed two new Revoltech Vehicles and they also posted some images! Included are the following:

  • Back to the Future 2 – DeLorean
  • Star Wars – X-Wing

Not much in details were provided but we do know that the X-Wing will be released this coming August for $45 USD and 5,500 Yen. The DeLorean will be released sometime in 2015 and no price point has been given. Check out these vehicles below and keep an eye out for any future pre-orders. 


Revoltech-BTTF2-DeLorean-001 Revoltech-BTTF2-DeLorean-002 Revoltech-BTTF2-DeLorean-003 Revoltech-BTTF2-DeLorean-004 Revoltech-BTTF2-DeLorean-005 Revoltech-BTTF2-DeLorean-006 Revoltech-BTTF2-DeLorean-007 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-001 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-002 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-003 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-004 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-005 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-006 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-007 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-008 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-009 Revoltech-Star-Wars-X-Wing-010