Review: We Can Never Go Home #2

Whenever a series starts off as strongly as We Can Never Go Home did, I really worry about the second issue. I’m always happy when the second issue continues to maintain the high quality of the first issue and doesn’t let me down. For a proper understanding of how much I liked the first issue, go and read my review, then read the review of this issue. Then, make a way to get your hands on copies of them, either physically or digitally.

unnamed (4)We Can Never Go Home #2

Artist: Joshua Hood
Writers: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
Colors: Amanda Scurti
Cover: Michael Walsh


Madison and Duncan decide to go on the run. But first they’ll need money. Their doomed adventure continues in the series that has been called Badlands meets Powers.


The script never gives the characters much time to breathe and reads very quickly, mirroring the circumstances they find themselves in, having to run away quickly before the authorities learn what has happened. Madison is in the dark about a few things, but is going along with Duncan, who earns her trust very easily. There is obviously more to the story than what was on the surface in the first issue, and that may be the only problem I have is that the story is becoming more complex as it progresses, with shadowy authorities involved behind the scenes in at least one of the characters’ life.

The artwork is clean and doesn’t get into the way, yet carries the story very well. The surroundings look suitably dirty without lots of non-descriptive, extraneous visual clutter that so many artists, especially mainstream artists seem to want to put onto pages. The color palette lets the red of blood stand out, and at the same time make the special effects from Madison’s powers not look out of place.

Not as flawless a comic as the first issue, but still a damn fine comic. It’s in shops this week, as is a second printing of the first issue. Go seek it out.


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