Review: We Can Never Go Home #1

Occasionally we get previews from smaller publishers for books that are flying under the radar, lost among all of the publishers putting out multiple titles every month. Sometimes those books are obviously not ready for prime time, but then there’s something like WE CAN NEVER GO HOME.

unnamed (16)WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1

Artist: Joshua Hood
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
Colors: Amanda Scurti
Cover A: Michael Walsh
Cover B: David Murdoch
Cover C: Joshua Hood & Hana Nakamura
In stores 3/25.

WE CAN NEVER GO HOME is a love letter to types of story almost no one seems to tell anymore- Crime Road movies like Badlands and True Romance, outcast against the world tales like Pump Up The Volume and Heathers, and character driven adventure comics like Love & Rockets and Stray Bullets.

“WE CAN NEVER GO HOME is a must-read book. It takes you back to those moments in your young life where you see the worst path in front of you and you can’t help but take it. Picking up the first issue, you can’t help but want to follow Maddie and Duncan to the bitter end.” – James Tynion IV (Batman Eternal / The Woods)


I’m going to try my best to review this book without spoilers, but since the solicitation mentions Love & Rockets and Stray Bullets, let me address those comparisons. This comic has every right to mentioned in the same breath as them. It feels more Stray Bullets than Love & Rockets, but after page four, I was hooked. The characters handle the developments of that encounter like teenagers would probably do. The writing is mature, but not overly so. The characters are sympathetic and admirable.

The artwork is fantastic with great storytelling and consistent rendering. When the unbelievable happens it looks completely in line with the rest of the world Joshua Hood is creating. It is a real world that completely falls apart for the characters with the colors by Amanda Scurti keeping out of the way until the story needs her to help carry the emotion of the moment, which she definitely does.

I am looking forward to the next issue with baited breath. Seek this book out wherever you can.