Review: Twilight TPB

Twilight-000TWILIGHT TP

160 pg, FC, $14.99 US
ISBN: 1401250149


DC’s science fiction heroes star in this title collecting the 3-issue 1990 miniseries! TWILIGHT tells the story of how one of the Star Rovers became a living god when caught in an explosion with a race of immortal creatures called Methuseloids. It’s up to renegade hero Tommy Tomorrow to stop his former ally – but he ends up absorbing Sorensen’s power and becoming an all-powerful tyrant himself!


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This was one of the first Reviews of Old Comics that I did, because I love it that much. When it was announced that DC was finally collecting it, I was thrilled. I hoped that the collection would have some extras, like the promotional image that ran in DC Comics, and that the integrity of the artwork would remain intact. I was very pleased to see that it did.

The story takes DC’s space-faring characters from the 1950s and 1960s and puts them into a very mature, much more realistic setting with personality twists that make what had been portrayed as heroes were now tragic heroes or horrible villains. Tommy Tomorrow becomes almost instantly unlikable, and some of the most likable characters like Star Hawkins and Ilda find their stories tragically going down dark paths.

The extras in this collection are sketches from artist José Luis García-López, including the pencils of the house ad that I mentioned earlier. character studies for all of the main characters are there and pencils for a few pages, showing how detailed he worked on this series. It’s definitely worth the price, and I urge you to get yourself a copy while you can.