Review: Thor #8

Be warned, that this is a spoiler-filled review. If you do not want to know who the new Female Thor is, the stop right now. I’m serious, I do not want anyone sending angry e-mails that I ruined the book for them, but I’m going to talk about what this revelation means as much as I’m going to talk about this specific comic. Stop now if you don’t want this issue spoiled for you. You have been warned.

STK670962THOR #8




  • The final battle with the Destroyer!
  • Guest stars galore!
  • A shocking return!
  • And oh yeah…Thor’s secret identity revealed at last!!!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Let’s deal with the elephant in the room for anyone who’s not clued into he big reveal in this issue. Thor reveals herself to the reader that she’s Jane Foster, Thor’s former girlfriend who’s been staying in Asgardia for cancer treatment. No one knows that she’s Thor, it’s a secret that she’s keeping close to herself, possibly because being Thor is doing some harm to her cancer-riddled body.Thor-008-010

The story of this comic is how the chauvinistic society of Asgard is wrong, and the female Thor proves it. Odin marginalizes his wife Freyja and the achievements she made while ruling Asgard in his stead. It’s also the story of how Odinson comes to accept that the best person to wield Mjolnir is not himself, but it’s current owner. Now that her identity is revealed, perhaps we can get a story about Thor becoming the hero that she needs to be in order to be accepted by all of Asgardians and the super-hero community alike, once Secret Wars is finished.

The art is  excellent and has a quality to it that suits mythological heroes. Dauterman does a great job of conveying the emotions in Thor’s face, even behind her mask. He even manages to get across the physical difference in characters, especially the female ones, so that each seems to carry themselves differently. It’s especially evident when Roz Solomon shows up and her stature puts her into direct conflict with the new Thor. Hopefully, she does indeed play an important part in the future of the series, as any person, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent or not, that can stand up to Thor is worth following. Throughout the series, I find the way that Thor stands is most interesting, as she’s more relaxed, and not posturing as Odinson did when he held the hammer.

I do recommend picking this series up if you haven’t been already. The journey to get to this point is worth following, and for me to say that about a Thor comic is definitely a complement.