Review: Thor #1

Thor (2014-) 001-000THOR #1

Writers: Jason Aaron
Artists: Russell Dauterman
Cover by Russell Dauterman, Frank Martin
Varliant Covers by Fiona Staples, Scottie Young and Andrew Robinson

Color / $3.99


The great hammer MJOLNIR lies on the moon, unable to be lifted by anyone in all the heavens! Even THOR! Something dark has befallen the God of Thunder, leaving him weakened and for the first time in forever… UNWORTHY! But when Frost Giants invade the Earth, the hammer will be lifted and an all-new Thor will arise! A Thor unlike any we’ve ever seen before! Who is this new GODDESS OF THUNDER? Not even Odin knows!




This issue is definitely the set-up for the establishment of the new Thor. Jason Aaron does a great job of establishing how despondent Thor ( the Odinson) is at being found unworthy, although he tends to write Odin as almost a complete caricature of the Norse God we’ve come to know under past writers. That misogynistic personality seems to lead the reader into a certain direction as to the identity of the new Thor. He does handle the lifting of the hammer very well, and the characterization that I believe leads up to that moment. What should be noted is that the most shocking moment of the story is not the reveal of the new Thor.

Russell Dauterman’s art is at times very reminiscent of Kevin Maguire, and at other times reminds me of John Cassady and CHris Bachalo. It’s when those reminders come through that his art is at it’s weakest, but most of the time, it is very well done. I like it, and only occasionally see those weaker moments. He is a good choice for this book and is able to carry some astonishing cinematic moments off very well.

So is the issue worth the hype? It’s a good comic. I imagine that this story will develop well, but if Jason Aaron is as transparent as it seems, then I will be disappointed. Jason Aaron doesn’t have a habit of disappointing me, so I’m going to say that if you are riding the fence, then give a shot and drop the money on it.