Review: The Flash TV Series Pilot

After the second episode of Gotham, I was waiting for this series with baited breath. I really liked Grant Gustin in Glee, and seeing him play Barry Allen at the beginning of his career was something I was very optimistic about. The previews that had been shown for the series was very promising for anyone like me that really wanted a modern comic book television series that tried to get the special effects of super-powers looking right.


It might be too early to say, but it definitely looks like they got it right. They even acknowledged the old series without calling it stupid by casting former Flash John Wesley Shipp as Barry’s father. The burgeoning relationship between lovestruck Barry and blissfully ignorant Iris, played excellently by Candice Patton, is one of the elements I really like. I look forward to seeing this taken into a romantic vein, although it probably won’t until the end of the season. I would really like for her to find out his secret identity the way Iris learned it in the comics, by Barry talking in his sleep.

I was left at the end of the episode with questions, which is exactly the way I feel a good comic book show should do, so that a jaded comic book fan like myself can feel like the show can go anywhere, because the formula has been deviated from just enough to add suspense. The villain choices look to be very well done,relying primarily on the classic Rogue’s Gallery and if Grodd doesn’t show up at some point, I’m going to be very disappointed. The true identity of Dr. Harrison Wells, played very well by Tom Cavanaugh (but far from the best performance), is the one mystery that I have no clue as to the answer. I believe, based on the presence of Eddie Thawne, that Dr. Wells may not be a malicious force in the Flash’s future.

I’m looking forward to this series, and might just go back and watch Arrow season 2 as soon as it shows up on Netflix, so I can feel like I’m seeing this universe in its entirety. By the time a Supergirl TV Series debuts, the DC Television Universe will have Green Arrow, Arsenal, the Flash, Firestorm and the Atom. This also brings me to the theory that what DC needs to do is stop wasting time and money making a DC Cinematic Universe, tell Zack Snyder to go play with someone else’s toys and develop the Television Universe, because that looks much more interesting and fun.