Review: Spider-Gwen#2

The real test of a new series is if the momentum from a first issue can continue and the characters can develop further. You may remember that in the first issue, I wanted more development of Gwen’s life aside from being Spider-Woman. Looks like I needn’t have worried.

Spider-Gwen 002-000SPIDER-GWEN #2

Variant Cover by SARA PICHELLI
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

• Gwen finds herself between a rock (this vulture) and a hard place (the entire NYPD)!
• Don’t miss this second issue of the Spider-Character who set the world on fire!


I really love the way Jason Latour is writing this character. The last issue saw prime subtext with Gwen’s view of the Vulture’s motives mirroring her own motives for taking him down. We see that reinforced again as the Kingpin and his lawyer Matt Murdock track down the Vulture. We also see how Gwen’s issues with her father affect her other relationship, specifically with the other members of the Mary Janes. Her imaginary guide, Peter Porker is omni-present offering her the advice that she already knows but is trying to deny. She is almost a perfect rendition of the Spider-Man that I grew up with, trying to succeed at everything before being faced with the harsh truth that great responsibility doesn’t just mean when the  mask is on.Spider-Gwen-002-011

Sorry, I want to talk about more, but I’ve already spoiled one comic in the reviews this week. Feel free to chat with us in the comments about this issue. For those that are counting, we get introduced to the Gwen-verse versions of Jean DeWolf, the Kingpin and a mention of the Black Cat.

Robbi Rodriguez does some fantastic work in this issue, especially with the quieter scene with Captain Stacy and Frank Castle. It’s always nice to see colorist Rico Renzi, who loves unconventional color palettes work a scene like this. Sometimes the truest test of an artist isn’t how cool they can draw action shots of characters in dramatic poses, but how they can handle two normal characters having a serious conversation. Both Robbi and Rico easily pass this test.

Seriously, folks, if you haven’t added this title to your pull list at your local comic shop, you completely need to as soon as possible.