Review: Savage Dragon #204

I caught a little bit of flak for my last review of Savage Dragon, and the assumption was made by a few people that I had not read many issues of the series, when I have read EVERY ISSUE of this comic. I really appreciate a creator that commits to a character and carries it through for as long as Erik Larsen has. Not many writer/artists can make a claim to have continuously stuck with a character for as long as this. The only one that comes to mind is Dave Sim, but I’m certain that there’s more. Nevertheless, I’m still reading Savage Dragon issue after issue and I thought I might add another issue to my list of reviews. Here’s a warning, I may spoil some story elements.

SavageDragon_204SAVAGE DRAGON #204

Story By: Erik Larsen
Art By: Erik Larsen
Cover By: Erik Larsen
Price: $3.99

Malcolm Dragon vs. Angel Dragon? It comes to this—as Malcolm and Angel have it out in what may be our strangest issue yet.

The thing that I really like about this series is that big things happen and have lasting effects. I was a little hesitant about the scene where Malcolm Dragon and his girlfriend Maxine had group sex with Malcolm’s adopted sister Angel and Dragon’s ex-girlfriend Tierra, but in this issue it all comes to roost. We see Malcolm really worry about the results of a normal woman possibly carrying his child to term. We also see Angel deal with the results of potentially being pregnant as well. We also see Tierra continue to exhibit unhealthy behavior when she doesn’t get what, or who she wants. There’s a couple of little subplots rolling, and they have me wondering if Larsen has a series of notes about what characters are where.


Erik Larsen’s artwork rides a fine line between mainstream and independent, but definitely captures the excitement many of us have had reading mainstream comics. At the same time, he’s expertly capable of rendering mundane scenes and especially drawing diverse body types. I really find myself engrossed in his style and amazed that he continues to do this consistent level of artwork issue after issue. If there’s a flaw, it’s that some panels show a greater attention and look almost overly rendered, but if that’s the worst I can say, then I can’t say much else. Larsen doesn’t cheat on backgrounds, adds clutter, and keeps his characters consistent.