REVIEW: Savage Dragon #201

SavageDragon201tnSavage Dragon #201

Writers: Erik Larsen, Gary Carlson
Artists: Erik Larsen, Frank Fosco
Cover Art: Erik Larsen
$3.99 / FC


Following the cataclysmic events of our awe-inspiring 200th issue, Malcolm Dragon comes face-to-face with the new head of the Vicious Circle! It’s a battle like none you’ve seen before!


The events Savage Dragon #200 has put Dragon’s son Malcolm in the position of being the inheritor of a legacy, and in this issue, we see it starting to sink into his head that the Dragon legacy is something not to be taken likely. In many ways, he’s being asked to grow up very fast, despite still being in High School. Like most guys in their older teens, Malcolm has sex on his mind a lot, to the point that outside of his battle with Dart, that’s all anyone in the book seems to talk about.

SD201_09tnIn previous issues, it seemed genuine, but here it reads a little icky after a while, especially since the book maintains its nudity standards on par with mainstream comics, where a lot of skin is shown, but as long as the bathing suit parts are covered, everything is fine. I look for Malcolm’s opinion of his sex life to become a little more serious, especially since he already realizes that his presence can save lives, he’s going to learn the lesson his father did that his presence can put lives in danger.

The plot with Dart is developing that she is quickly becoming Malcolm’s primary nemesis, but this book does not have a history of a nemesis meeting a dignified end. Her evolution is this issue is something different, though, and I’m betting it is more complicated than Malcolm guessed it to be.

Erik Larsen’s artwork is unique and that is its appeal. He depicts battles very nicely, and his establishing shots a re solid in their construction and look like complete places, no matter how spartan they might be. The colors are bright and give the book that classic comic book feel that it needs with so many heavy consequences to having these characters in its world. If the book has a weak point, it is not the artwork, its in that it’s a hard title to just jump into. I would recommend picking up issue #200 before reading this one. That should put you on more sound footing to get into Malcolm Dragon’s world.