Review: Rachel Rising #27

Rachel Rising 027-000RACHEL RISING #27
Terry Moore (writer & artist) 
BW • 24 pages • $3.99
Aunt Johnny & Earl discover they have a new serial killer on the loose, while Rachel spreads the word around town that she was murdered and she is looking for the man responsible! And to make it a perfect day, Zoe runs into an old classmate.


I am a big fan of Strangers In Paradise, but I have no idea why I was so hesitant to pick up this title. I had some trouble getting into Echo, so that might have had me hesitant to pick up this title at a time when buying new comics was a luxury. Now that I can afford to buy comics, I tend to try out new things from time to time. After immediately remembering how much I liked SiP, I decided to give this, which I knew to be closer in tone to that series than Echo, a try.


I’m not generally adverse to coming into the middle of a story, because if a writer is good at what he does, a summary isn’t needed, and can serve to get a reader interested enough to go back and read back issues and/or the collections. This is my situation with Rachel Rising. There is a lot of murder mystery going on, with some type of supernatural element to the whole thing. The characters are engaging and the pacing is deliberate, but always revealing enough to keep me interested. The artwork is every bit as exquisite as the final years of Strangers In Paradise were, with each character depicted as a unique person, without relying on hair color or definitive clothing. The best part is that until it was mentioned, I didn’t even notice the scar on Rachel’s neck.

I’m definitely going to pick up older issues, and more than likely, my bookshelf will find a box of a run of Rachel Rising on it. Not only do I recommend that you buy it, but I recommend that if you like it, buy a couple more issues and tell your local shop to order more next time. Currently, this title sells extremely low, and there is no reason for that.