Review: Jem And The Holograms #2

After my review of the first issue, I was really eager to read the second issue of Jem and the Holograms. What’s best is that not only wasn’t I disappointed, I enjoyed it better than the first, and there’s not many comic book series that I can say that about. I’m just really happy that this comic exists.

Jem_02-hiaJem and the Holograms #2

Kelly Thompson (w)
Sophie Campbell (a)
Campbell, Amy Mebberson x 4 (c)
FC • 32 pages • $ 3.99


Truly outrageous! JERRICA BENTON is JEM—but does she have what it takes to lead her underdog band against the mega-popular MISFITS?

Bullet points:
• Jem and the Holograms—on stage for the first time!
• Five stunning rainbow foil covers, one classic Jem cover for each band member…of the Misfits by Amy Mebberson, plus one featuring the whole band by series artist Sophie Campbell!



This is just a fun story and by opening with the Hologram’s rivals, the uber-successful Misfits, we get a view of the story from someone other than our heroes. I refer to the Holograms as the heroes of this series because I’m rooting for them all the way, from their pursuit of stardom to Kimber’s crush on Stormer, the Misfits keytarist. It’s not until you sit back and process the story that you realize how totally 80s the plot is, but placed perfectly into the present day.

Sophie Campbell’s artwork is the real treat here, as she takes each character and gives them their own character from the way they carry themselves to the shape of their bodies, I love the depictions here. Very importantly, she once again manages to render the best pages of music performance I can recall.

Also, I am not a big fan of variant covers, but when they’re done with the sense that this series treats them, I can accept them. the four covers by Amy Mebberson capture the feel of the series perfectly, highlighting each member of the Misfits, which really has me wondering if there’s plans for a similar treatment of the Holograms.

Jem_02-hib Jem_02-hic Jem_02-hid Jem_02-hie

This is definitely a comic aimed at female readers, and younger ones specifically, but that doesn’t make it fun for any fan of good comics to read. If you could have any problem with it, it’s that your tastes are just to more conventional comic book stories, aimed at a more masculine audience, but you could do far worse than spend a few bucks giving this series a chance.