Review: Infinite Loop #3

I’ve really been loving this series, so it wasn’t strange for me to read the next issue as soon as I could. It’s been very good with using science fiction elements to tell a different, more personal story about something other than time travel. While it’s blatant about its intentions, it’s entertaining in its execution. Because it goes so far into the realm of theoretical time travel theory, it can play loose with the rules. To say more would be getting into reviewing the comic, so rather than blather on, let’s get started with the review.

InfiniteLoop_03-pr-1The Infinite Loop #3 (of 6)

Pierrick Colinet (w)
Elsa Charretier (a & c)

The two women seek refuge in a time wrap created by Teddy and start to build a life together, away from their old world. But they must confront the morality of hiding while others human anomalies are being killed…
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
• Variant cover by The Walking Dead superstar Charlie Adlard!

In this issue, the science fiction elements blend more with the actual story that’s being told, and we get some explanation for how this world works. The theramin analogy is excellent, but where Colinet’s writing really takes off is in delivering Ulysses’ role in dealing with Teddy and Ano for the agency. He keeps the relationship with Teddy and Ano believable but it doesn’t seem as if as much time passes as apparently does. However, since he makes use of captions to account for this, it’s excusable and doesn’t ruin anything. The panel where Ano describes Teddy’s hideout as a closet is a little blunt but priceless, as is Teddy’s response. This book is about dealing with one’s sexuality as much as it is about time travel.


The artwork is consistent with the previous issues and Charretier does a great job of demonstrating how Teddy can manipulate the nature of her hideout. It looks much better than the time travel in the first issue, and when the story culminates with the need to consistently draw Teddy over and over, she does the best job of doing so, possibly aided by her art style.

In short, I love this series, but wasn’t in love with this issue until the very end. The flow chart on the final page gives us a choice to end the story now, but of course, I’m choosing to go on to the next issue.