Review: Father’s Day #1

fathersdaycoverFather’s Day #1

Written by Mike Richardson
Artist: Gabriel Guzmán
Colorist: Java T
Cover Artist: Keron Grant

32 PGS./Crime, Action/Adventure/$3.99


How to be a good dad. . .

. . . Stop killing people!

As a mob enforcer he was called the Eastside Butcher, but twenty years later Silas has found peace. That is, until his abandoned daughter shows up to give him a piece of her mind . . . and unwittingly leads a legion of hit men to settle accounts with Silas!

* An action-packed crime thriller written by Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson (The Secret, Cut, Atomic Legion).

* Illustrated by Gabriel Guzmán (Star Wars, Cable, Kull).




The story started off a little dull for me, but I rode with it based on the preview pages that preceded my preview copy. Richardson takes a dramatic scene, a daughter confronting the father that left her, and turns it into something far more dramatic. Silas is written completely believably, and I don’t think for one second he has told his daughter yet the full reason that hit men are out to get him. Whenever an editor or publisher gets involved with writing, I get very skeptical about the quality. Especially since I wasn’t familiar with his previous writing work, I was wary of how well Richardson could craft this story and I needn’t have worried. He gets to the point and carries the story along at a believably fast pace.

The artwork is very well done, and similar to what you’d expect from a Dark Horse comic. Rendered in a naturalistic style, Guzmán has to show that he knows how to carry likenesses and convey emotions. The excerpt above is a great example of how he does that. Silas doesn’t seem like someone that would have been called “Butcher,” but Guzmán completely changes the way he moves once his criminal survival instincts kick in. Pairing him with Richardson on this story was a great decision.