Review: Day Men #7

I have loved this series, but it has really frustrated me in that the delay between issues has me forgetting precisely what has occurred previously. However, each issue has been set up to stand on its own and not be so serial that every issue has to be read in order at one sitting. Essentially, this series is written like a television show.

DayMen_007_A_MainDay Men #7

Author: Matt Gagnon & Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Brian Stelfreeze


Justice by Day has finally arrived as David Reid faces off against Jacob the Burner in a ritualistic battle to the death with the fate of Azalea and the entire Virgo family hanging in the balance. The end is drawing near—will David’s cane join the ranks of fallen Day Men gracing the walls of Virgo Mansion?


This story has a lot of relationships going on, and we see them as they involve David Reid, the Day Man who protects the Virgo family. It is very obvious that we’re getting into an old-fashioned gang war, but played on a level where the old ways are being forced by the modern age and how it can affect no only their business, but their lifestyle. We spend the entire book worrying about David’s fight to the death, and wondering if it will be resolved before whatever treachery is being planned comes to pass. We do see some of the relationships David has built with the Virgo family being tested by his past, but we get harsh reminders that this story has no time for navel-gazing drama. The only flaw is that I feel like I may have missed something along the way, when most likely, I’ve just forgotten it.


The artwork by Brian Stelfreeze is stellar, and I continue to adore the way he choreographs a fight scene. It’s his masterful storytelling that keeps this book reminding me of a television series that would binge watch on Netflix. The colors by Darren Moore are on par with the masterful colors Stelfreeze has put on his own work in the past, yet give the scenes the feeling of temperature, which with Vampires in the noonday sun, is most appropriate.

If you’re not reading this series, go pick up the tfirst trade and find the other issues before this that haven’t been collected. You will enjoy it and find yourself wishing that it was a TV series so you wouldn’t have to wait to see what happens next.