REVIEW: All-New X-Men #29

All-New_X-Men_Vol_1_29ALL-NEW X-MEN #29
Brian Michael Bendis (writer) 
Stuart Immonen (pencils) 
Wade Von Grawbadger (inks)
Marte Gracia, Jason Keith (colors)
Stuart Immonen (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 

After infiltrating the New Charles Xavier School, the Future Brotherhood – led by the son of Charles Xavier and Mystique have crushed the students and X-Men alike. As they all lay inches from death, the Brotherhood has set their sights on the only one powerful enough to stop them – young Jean Grey! As Jean Grey prepares for the greatest psychic battle she’s ever faced, can she control the unimaginable power waiting just below the surface? If she can’t, who’s in more danger – the Brotherhood…or the X-Men?


The solicitation doesn’t give any indication that real star of this issue is X-23, the teenage female clone of Wolverine. She’s not a character that I’ve ever really cared for or wanted to give a chance but adding her to this team has not only warmed me up to her, but developed the other members of the team as well.  Unfortunately, since she’s joined the team, she’s served the role of potential love interest, which is running dangerously close to riding the wrong side of the Bechtel Test. Her attack on Raze adds a little dimension to this character, who’s obviously dealing some past trauma.

The battle with the future Brotherhood is excellently done, albeit it does run into the problem that psychic combat gets a little confusing. It becomes obvious that in this era, you do not want to mess with any of the female X-Men. While it seems that they’re always getting hit on, they are much stronger and more balanced than their counterparts at DC. The time travel element is done well, and acknowledges that time travel will make your brain hurt if you think about it too much.

Stuart Immonen’s art is fantastic. He gives as much attention to fight scenes as he does to the more quiet ending to the story. He’s really made the two-page spread his signature on this series. I really love his art, and it lends itself well to giving a good colorist room to shine. If you like his work, you can do much worse than going into back issues to find stuff he worked on all the way back to his first work.


This is definitely a buy, but since this title is in the top 20 every month, you probably already are. However, it’s not showing up in the top 5, so more people need to check this title out.