Revealed at ComicsPRO! Robotech Issue #1 – “Cover A” by Artgerm

This is one book i’m personally excited for. While I do have Super Hero burnout, this will fill that need to read! I love it when older properties get that “fresh” look so I will be giving this a shot. For now, check out cover A as revealed from ComicsPro this past weekend. 

Titan are excited to unveil a fresh look at ROBOTECH – a brand-new series, written by best-selling writer Brian Wood, and based off the legendary 80s animation by Harmony Gold.

Created by the legendary Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, this cover (beautifully depicting the character of Lynn Minmei) is Cover A of the upcoming Robotech series, and was revealed at Friday’s ComicsPRO event. 

First airing in the USA in 1985, Robotech was the gateway to anime for many fans – capturing their imagination with its epic generational storyline involving war, romance, and, of course, the transforming Veritech fighters that defend the Earth against extra-terrestrial attacks. 


Produced by Harmony Gold USA, the original 85-episode series delved into humanity’s struggle against a series of alien invasions, from the gigantic Zentraedi to the mysterious Invid, battling for control of advanced alien technology that crash-landed on Earth. 

Titan Comics’ Robotech series is set to debut later in 2017.