Reaction Alien with Metallic Flesh Review

The second wave of Alien Reaction Figures is out and we got our hands on the main baddie himself, the Alien with metallic flesh! Can he top the perfection of the previous Alien? Read on!


Metallic Alien 01 MOC

The front of the card is done up like the previous wave and all the other Reaction figures with a nice 70’s/80’s vintage style. The picture is from the Xenomorph getting blown out the airlock (possibly because this is one of the few times you can see the skull beneath the carapace)

Metallic Alien 14 Cardback

The back of the package shows us all 4 figures from this series including both versions of an incapacitated Kane.


Metallic Alien 02

The figure is the same Alien figure we got in the first series, but with a new paint job. The face under the carapace has the skull paint app on it that was so prominent with the vintage  18″ figure. The rest of the figure has a subtle metallic paint job that gives the figure a nice glossy appearance.

Metallic Alien 03


Metallic Alien 04

Just like the previous figure, this Alien has a removable carapace and a button that can slide the inner jaws out. The carapace is clear this time rather than frosted/shaded like the previous one.

Metallic Alien 05


Metallic Alien 06 Compare

I originally wanted this figure just because it was a little different from the series 1 version. I didn’t realise just how different it would look next to the old one til I took this picture. The new one really pops a lot more and makes the first one look dull by comparison. The metallic paint job makes the overall figure look darker but highlights the detail of the sculpt much more than the flat dark grey of the first Alien. It’s funny, But now I’m regretting having bought two of the first one because I kinda want more of the new one instead, that’s how much better it looks to me.

The figure does still have the same limitations as the previous version, limited articulation and the carapace can fall off easily. I don’t fault the articulation as this is based on a 35 year old sculpt. I do wish the carapace would stay on better though.

If you’re a casual Alien fan, I suggest this figure over ANY of the figures in both series of Alien Reaction Figures. If you’re a hardcore fan, then you probably already have this figure and any of the others they’ve made.


Metallic Alien 07


Metallic Alien 08


Metallic Alien 09


Metallic Alien 10


Metallic Alien 11


Metallic Alien 12