Reaction Alien Kane with Chestburster Review

Just in time for Thanksgiving we have a dinner themed action figure to review, Kane with Chestburster from Funko’s Alien Reaction Figures line!


Kane Chestburster 01 MOC

This is one of two Kane figures in this wave of Alien Reaction figures. The card art/photo shows the focus of this figure, the Chestburster!


Kane Chestburster 02

Kane appears in his white shirt and pants outfit he wore to dinner before the Chestburster appeared on screen. His eyes are just thin lines to show his eyes are closed.

Kane Chestburster 03

The blood splatter is nicely done and the torso is sculpted to make the glued on Chestburster appear to be ripping out of his shirt and chest. The Chestburster itself appears to have a few minor details sculpted on it for such a small piece.

Kane Chestburster 04


Kane Chestburster 05 Compare

At a quick glance it appears that Kane reuses Ash’s legs, but if you look closer you’ll notice they’re slightly retooled, especially on the bottom of the feet.

Kane Chestburster 06 Compare Feet


Kane Chestburster 07 Compare Torso

Upon closer examination, it appears that the torso may also be a retooled Ash torso. If you look at the folds in the shirts just above the belt, they appear similar, especially on the figure’s back.


Kane Chestburster 08

Out of the two Kane figures, this one is both the more interesting looking figure, but also the most limited in terms of action poses. You really can only display him in a recreation of the dinner scene (or maybe also in a Xenomorph nest scene) The figure almost fits in well with the other figures from the Alien line, but the head kinda separates Kane from the others. It’s a generic head but the aesthetic isn’t in quite the same style as the vintage Kenner sculpted figures. Given that Kane’s eyes are closed, I have to assume this may be one of the first dead action figures we’ve ever gotten at retail (other than zombies of course)

Do you need this figure? Probably not, like I said it really only works for one dio scene and not much else. But it does work pretty well for that one scene.