Random Toys – Star Wars Slide Viewer

1998 brought us the inclusion of Freeze Frame slides packaged with the single carded Star Wars Power of the Force figures released by Hasbro. That same year there was a mail away offer for this week’s Random Toy, the Star Wars Slide Viewer.

I remember getting Freeze Frame figures in the late 90’s and thinking the Freeze Frame was kinda cool, (Especially with how the card was cut out so you could hold it up to a light and see the slide) but I didn’t have a slide projector so ultimately these slides seemed like a pointless addition to get people to buy figures to me. Apparently I ignored the offer on the back of the cards later that year (or just never got a figure with it) because until this year (2016) I never even knew they made a slide viewer for the Freeze Frames! For just 1 proof of purchase and $5.99 you could get your very own back-lit slide viewer made to look like the Macrobinoculars Luke uses on Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back.

The Slide Viewer looks like a smaller version of the Macrobinoculars made for a child’s role play toy. It measures about 5 1/2″ long and 5″ wide. The blue button on top is nonfunctional and needs to be inserted when you first open the packaging. There is a strap sewn on to either side of the slide viewer. The strap has a velcro section where the two sides can separate.


Included with the Slide Viewer are two exclusive Freeze Frame slides. Both slides feature scenes from Empire Strikes Back with Luke and Han on Hoth.


The Slide Viewer takes two AA batteries to operate the back lit feature. The viewer works like an old Pana-Vue slide viewer in which you put the Freeze Frame slide into a slot on top and when you press the slide down, a light bulb behind the freeze frame will light up making the slide easier to see. The light only stays on as long as you press the slide down. Unlike the old Pana-Vue’s, the slide is magnified only a little so that it fills up your field of vision when you look through the Macrobinoculars (Many of the older slide viewers magnify slides a bit more due to you looking at a small screen instead of through a scope sight)




The two slides show very crisp images from Empire Strikes Back. I thought it was cool that they are both images from Hoth since that’s the main area we’ve seen Luke use the Macrobinoculars.


Like many mail away items, the Slide Viewer came in a plain white box. Out of the two that I have, only one has a stamp on the side mentioning that the exclusive slides are attached to the inside of the packaging. I’m not sure if I would have liked this as much in the 90’s as I do now. I was more into the figures and vehicles back then rather than the miscellaneous merchandise as I am now, I’ve also been collecting View Masters and other Slide Viewers for a couple of years now so this item hits all the check marks for my collection now days. In fact, knowing that this slide viewer exists has got me fired up to collect all of the Star Wars Freeze Frames now (If only I knew where I put all of the ones I got in the 90’s now 🙂 )

If you like View Masters and Star Wars, this is a perfect item for you. The secondary price currently isn’t too bad either, they can be found for $10-$25 with both slides included.