Random Toys – R2D2 Carryall Playset

Since it’s Star Wars month, I thought I’d grab a few of my favorite/most used Star Wars items out for Random Toys. This week we’re looking at a unique oddity called the R2D2 Carryall Playset.

r2d2-carryall-001r2d2-carryall-002The R2D2 Carryall Playset is shaped like R2D2 (hence the name) While there are sculpted details all over the case, the back is flat and the front is fully rounded with many sculpted and painted details making it a nice display piece on it’s own. The back has a built in hollow that acts as a handle (like any good case should have)




r2d2-carryall-003When you open the case up, you can see one side is obviously made for storage while the other side has fold up playset elements.






r2d2-carryall-004Looking at the storage side, it’s got a lot of space for figures and accessories. The original packaging claims it could hold 20 figures and accessories (I haven’t tried that yet, but it would probably be a tight fit) There are 5 removable shelves so you can adjust the storage space to fit your individual needs. There are also two hinged doors at the bottom for loose accessories. The doors close nice and snug so you never have to worry about parts falling out.





r2d2-carryall-005The Playset side folds out to create a good sized walkway/hall with an opening door at one end. The floor and door are nicely sculpted with some paint apps and stickers finishing out the details.







r2d2-carryall-006Underneath the walkway is an opening gate (The packaging calls these Vent Shaft Doors) The doors slide outward easily, but I find the doors don’t get played with much as they are in a small area and don’t offer much for photo dios or anything.




r2d2-carryall-007The main door is where it’s at! It works just like the Shaft Vent Doors, but it has more sculpted details, it’s part of the main play area and there’s a nice background to it for pictures.





r2d2-carryall-008The rest of the playset is made on the backside of the case front so you can see the negative hollow of the sculpted details for R2D2. A shelf has been included near the top to allow figures to stand (or sit) up there. If you haven’t guessed yet, this playset was part of the Phantom Menace merchandise in 1999. The sticker of a door that has had a lightsaber cut through it is kind of a give away. If it wasn’t for this detail on the sticker, I think you could pass this playset off as a generic Star Wars setting. There is a ramp off to the left side of the playset where a rolling Destroyer Droid would roll down to attack the Jedi cutting the door (I unfortunately do not have this piece)



r2d2-carryall-009The R2D2 Carryall Playset has many uses for most collectors as it doesn’t have to be limited to just Star Wars figures (I use it to hold all of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Minimates as the playset reminds me of the interior of a Technodrome and the storage area can hold tons of Minimate figures) While many fans look down on the 90’s toys (especially Phantom Menace toys) This is one hidden gem I’d suggest taking a second look at.