Random Toys – POTF Imperial Speeder Bike

1995 saw the return of Star Wars figures to store retail shelves with a new Power of the Force line (the first Power of the Force line was released 10 years previous in 1985) While I and many other fans were enjoying all of the new figures and re-released vehicles, that Christmas brought one of my favorite childhood toys back to the shelves…..The Imperial Speeder Bike!


When I found out the Speeder Bike was being released in the new POTF line, it immediately went on my Christmas list that year. I got the vintage one on Christmas in either 83 or 84 and had fond memories of making it fly around and explode when near the tree (this resulted in at least one broken ornament too) The need to have this toy caused me to buy it myself when I saw it in late November/early December even though I was sure my parents were getting it for me for Christmas anyway. To this day, I still have both of them.



The POTF Speeder Bike is pretty much the same as the vintage one with only a few remolded parts. As such, the biggest play feature of the Speeder Bike is still intact…the exploding action! Just press the button behind the seat and you too, can kill Christmas ornaments with the best of them! The handle grips have been enlarged to fit in the Biker Scout’s hands and the copyright info on the bottom has been updated. There is also a new paintjob & a few stickers to add more details than the original.


The other two play features that are still here include the rotating laser cannon and the exhaust flaps that change position depending on how the footpads are positioned. The footpads also still keep the Speeder Bike balanced really well and (to me at least) always seemed to add an illusion that the bike is slightly hovering.


Interestingly enough, the T Bar that holds the vintage figure on the Speeder Bike is still here as well and works just like the vintage one does. I’m not sure that it has any other use so I’m curious as to why it was left in and not cut as a cost saving measure (unless changing the mold to get rid of it would’ve cost more than including the T-bar, spring and lock washer)



Speaking of the Biker Scout, we got an all new mold for the figure. It has the classic Biker Scout uniform, but now sports the beefed up, action appearance most of the new POTF figures had (or “suffered” from depending on who you talk to)

Compared to the vintage figure, the proportions look very off on the POTF figure (although, it looks like the two should exchange heads as the vintage one looks too big for that body and vice verse on the POTF figure)


What really excited me in 1995 about the new Biker Scout was the fact that his knees could bend! I believe this is the first 3 3/4″ Star Wars figure to ever sport knee articulation. He also can move his head to look up or down….but doesn’t have the ability to look left & right like most of the other figures.



The vintage mold of the Speeder Bike was already great so I understand not making many changes to it, adding in a Biker Scout that can properly sit on the bike made this a perfect set in 1995 and nostalgia has kept it in my collection these 21 years. Even though the figure looks mis-proportioned off the bike, when sitting on the Imperial Speeder Bike, it looks fine and is just a fun toy.