Random Toys – Diamond Select Rocketeer

Diamond Select Toys released their Rocketeer figure last week. Thankfully Valentine’s boys hadn’t got a hold of him before we could show him off to you!

The packaging is your typical Diamond Select packaging. Artwork from the movie poster is seen at the bottom corner and the background graphics are all over the front and back of the packaging.


Cliff Secord has a good movie appearance to his outfit. The body sculpt seems pretty good.


The unmasked head sculpt isn’t as good as I’d hoped. It has a passing resemblance to actor Billy Campbell, but just doesn’t quite capture it too well.


The body is well articulated with a ball joint neck, swivel-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel-hinge hips, swivel thighs, swivel-hinge knees, swivel shins and swivel-hinge rocker ankles.

All of this articulation allows for some good poses. I’m not sure why there are the swivel thighs and shins though. Both points of articulation are right above or below the knee joint and don’t really add to the poseability of the figure.


The Rocketeer comes with a lot of accessories! You get an unhelmeted head and a helmet head, four pairs of hands, two chest pieces, two flame effects and a cardboard blueprint of the rocket pack.


The ungloved hands are in a passive pose with the fingers just pointing straight as if he’s holding something in his palm. This works well for looking like he’s holding the helmet. You may also be able to use the hands to look like he’s adjusting the front of his jacket with the extra chest piece. The chest piece has a corner sculpted in a bent down position as if it’s not fully buttoned up.


The helmet has a nice sculpt to it. You can see most of the details in the sculpt. The rivets around the eyes are slightly noticeable, but not as much as they are in the movie.


Two of the gloved hand pairs are very close to the same pose. Both are open hand poses, but one of them has the fingers close together, while the other has them spread apart. I’m not too sure why they have both pairs in similar poses. I think it would’ve been better to give us a completely different pose. This is even one time when I’d say they should’ve done what companies typically do and give us closed fist hands. The Rocketeer has to punch some bad guys sometime doesn’t he?


Cliff’s ungloved hands work pretty well holding the included blueprints. This may be what the hands were sculpted for, they work so well for this pose.


The blueprints are the size of a small card and are printed on the same type of material. The printed side has a gloss sheen to it. I believe these are the same blueprints as seen in the movie.


I was very surprised to note that the tiny writing on the blueprints is actual words! It appears to be nonsense Latin words, but words nonetheless. I wonder if this is what’s on the actual movie prop?

For those interested, I believe this is what it says:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wist enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerei tation ullamcorper suscipit. Lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in.


I love that they gave us a left hand sculpted like Cliff is hitting the ignition button! This is a must have hand for the Rocketeer figure and is basically the only left hand I use on this figure. It can also double as a punching fist.


The final hand is a right hand sculpted in a gun grip pose. This is kinda funny as the Diamond Select Rocketeer figure doesn’t come with a gun!


Here is a closer look at the jetpack. It has a lot of great sculpting and includes the bit of gum covering the bullet hole. The jetpack is glued onto the harness, which is glued onto the figure’s torso. I would’ve liked a removable jetpack but I suppose this is to add stability for the base piece.


The two flame effect pieces plug into the exhaust ports of the jetpack. They fit in pretty well. (one is a little loose with my pair) This is a nice addition as previous Rocketeer figures have not had any flames at all.


Diamond Select figures typically have a base piece for the figure to stand on and the Rocketeer is no exception. The base piece is a sculpted, translucent flame base! The flame jets can plug into the jetpack exhausts and lift the Rocketeer figure off of the ground. The way the flame base is sculpted, you can have the billowing cloud running under Cliff’s feet. (For more stability) Or you can use the other side and have more leg room under Cliff. (Though this side is less stable)


I love this flame base! This is exactly what I’ve been missing from Rocketeer figures in the past. It’s multicolored, translucent plastic, going from yellow to orange to grey. The orange part of the flames and the cloud on the bottom also have some paint apps. this paint looks really good on the grey clouds. I wasn’t too keen on the yellow paint on the flames at first, but over time they’re starting to grow on me. Given that the base is translucent, I really wish there were led lights in the jetpack to make the flames glow. I tried putting an led in the base itself since it’s hollow, but it just didn’t look right.




Now, the million dollar question. How does this Rocketeer stack up to the Funko Legacy Rocketeer released 5 years ago? Well this is a Diamond Select figure so it’s larger. He stands about half a head taller and his limbs are thicker than the Funko version. I like the sculpt better on the Diamond Select figure. The chest in particular looked a little too plain on the Funko figure and we have some nice wrinkle sculpting on the Diamond Select. I also like the paint job better on the Diamond. It’s got a weathered look on the helmet and leather jacket. Looking at pictures of the costume online though, I have to say Funko got the color of the boots right. They are a dark brown and not black. The pants appear to be either color. (Probably tan, but it’s hard to tell depending on what picture you’re looking at.)


Looking at the articulation between the two, Diamond has way better arms! I love the double jointed elbows. It just makes the poseability so much better. However, I wish Diamond had continued that trend below the waist. The single knee joint doesn’t allow for more dynamic poses like Funko’s figure could pull off. The added issue is that you probably have the same tooling costs if you dumped the swivel thighs and shins and just gave the figure a double jointed knee.

As for the neck articulation, Diamond won out here by a little bit. The Diamond Select Rocketeer can tilt his head up more than Funko’s can. Admittedly, I tend to push it up too much and keep popping the head off. This figure definitely could use a hinged ball joint like many Marvel Legends figure have.


While Diamond has a ton of accessories with their Rocketeer figure, they did drop the ball on giving him a gun. (Funko’s Legacy Rocketeer came with a pistol) This Pistol from a Marvel Legends Nick Fury works alright, but I really wish Diamond had included a pistol since they had a hand sculpted to hold one. You could’ve even substituted one pair of the open hands for the pistol since two of those pair of hands were so similar to each other.


In the end, I’m very happy with this Diamond Select Rocketeer figure. It’s got a few minor issues, but overall it’s a nicely sculpted figure for a property we don’t see much from. We’ve only ever gotten two Rocketeer figures in this scale and this is the better of the two. The flame base really pushes it over the top and every Rocketeer figure should have one.