Random Toys: Dark Crystal Kira

Last week we started our look at the Dark Crystal Reaction line by Funko. Today we’re continuing with the co-star of The Dark Crystal: Kira with Fizzgig!


Kira comes carded on the same recreation of the cancelled 1983 Dark Crystal cardback that Jen had. The only difference now is Kira’s name. The name is the only difference on any of the series 1 cardbacks. Honestly, I typically don’t like generic cardbacks, but this one is so good looking that I really don’t mind.







Kira looks very close to her movie appearance. The only slight issue in the appearance is that I think the painted eyelash line needed to be a little thicker to signify Kira’s longer lashes. The details on this figure are wonderful! There’s a lot of intricate sculpting on both the costume and hair. Just like Jen, there is an excellent, subtle paintjob on the costume with multiple different shades of green.





Unlike Jen, Kira has a great range of motion with her articulation. Her arms can rotate all of the way around and even her head can turn easily. The long hair doesn’t even get in the way because it’s rubbery and easily pliable. On top of all of that articulation, the hard plastic cape can be easily removed to allow Kira to sit down!




Fizzgig is super detailed with sculpted fur and his multiple teeth rows. It’s your basic accessory item with a nice flat base so that he doesn’t fall over too easily.





Along with the removable cape & Fizzgig, Kira comes with the first large crystal piece of the Dark Crystal build an accessory. The piece fits into the base that came with Jen. It’s a nice translucent piece with a good crystal chunk look to it.









Kira is a much better figure than Jen because of the non hindered articulation. She has a level of sculpted and painted detail that I have not seen in another Reaction figure property before the Dark Crystal. The fact that this figure can look so good and not have any of her articulation hindered make me very excited for the future of Funko’s Reaction figures. This is a wonderful toy/collectible with a hint of nostalgia of the 80’s.