Random Toys: Dark Crystal Chamberlain Skeksis

Continuing our non-random string of Dark Crystal Reaction figures reviews, this week we’re looking at one of the few villains in this line, the Chamberlain Skeksis!


Once again we see the same beautiful cardback. This time the figure’s name is off to the side instead of above the figure due to the oversized bubble to hold the larger Skeksis onto the card.







The Chamberlain Skeksis (actually called skekSil according to Wikipedia) is pretty well sculpted with tons of folds in the costume’s “fabric” The back cloak has multiple different textures sculpted into it to convey layers of different cloths. There are a number of small sculpted details on the figure like the different jewelry and ornaments he wears on his chest.




The sculpting on the head is wonderful and the paintjob is pretty well done (though I do think it could’ve used a little more blue on top of the head) The neck is articulated to allow the head to swivel side to side. You can just hear skekSil’s “Hhhhmmmmmm” whine when the head is tilted.




The figure is mainly a hunk of plastic with the only points of articulation being the shoulders and neck. The arms can rotate up pretty high before being stopped by the costume’s hood. The coloring and figure design is very reminiscent of Mumm-Ra from the Thundercats line.




Included with the Chamberlain Skeksis, is a sword from the Trial by Stone scene in the movie and another large chunk of the Dark Crystal build an accessory. The sword is very well detailed and looks like it came right out of the movie. It can fit into either hand, but seems to fit better in skekSil’s left hand.





This is one of the few cases where limited articulation works well. The Skeksis were slow moving creatures who were always hunched over, this figure in particular can convey more emotion than the others just by having the ability to tilt his head. Like the other figures in this line, it’s very well sculpted and has a great paintjob. Once again, I’m really happy with the new direction Funko has taken with the Reaction line including such great sculpts as these. After realizing the sword came from the Trial by Stone scene (it’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie) I really hope a future figure will come with the other sword and the stone itself! What more can I say about this line, go buy it, you won’t be disappointed.