Ragnarok #6 Review

I chose to give Ragnarok #6 a read due to the reputation of Walt Simonson’s run on Thor. Not certain of what to find in his telling of the Norse pantheon after all the Norse Gods are killed, I went in fresh. Does it measure up to that legendary work? What did I find? Well if you tuned in to see if this is one of those masterpieces by a legendary creator, keep reading. I won’t spoil everything more than the rating already has done.

Ragnarok_06-pr-1Ragnarök #6

Walter Simonson (w & a & c)


Bring Out Your Dead.

Thor has arrived at last in Asgard. The devastation is complete, as the Thunder God searches the ruins of his home for the remains of those nearest and dearest to him. He finds not only the broken heart of his worst fears, but a secret hidden since before the final battle of the gods and their enemies, a secret that reveals the deep and devious wisdom of Father Odin, and the goodwill of a red squirrel.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
• Continuing the runaway hit series from the legendary Walter Simonson!



Do not think for a second that this is a continuation of Walt Simonson’s Marvel run. You could easilly be fooled into thinking so, but it quickly stands on its own. The artwork is Walt Simonson at some of his best, especially in the scenes involving Regn. Walt Simonsoin’s ability to convey emotions through facial expressions is underrated. Unfortunately, we only get Regn and his daughter Drifa with designs capable of fully expressing recognizable emotion.

The real problem is one that I find in a lot of fantasy. The names of the characters are so uncommon from recognizable names that I find myself getting confused when they are referred to out of frame. This bogs down the story for me, but Walt Simonson is good about not letting it get in the way.

There are two elements that I really like. The first is Regn’s relationship with his daughter. He will protect her with his dying breath, and this comes across as the most believable relationship in the  book. Sadly, that is more than the relationship Thor has with his dead family. While that scene is very powerful, it is lacking in the emotion present in Regn’s scenes. I find it really odd that right now, if Thor and Regn come together, I’m rooting for the Dark Elf.

Will I read another issue? If it comes across my desktop. I’m not prepared to seek out past issues, which is something sad to say about a series.