R5-J2 Sixth Scale Figure

Sideshow has released new images and details for their upcoming R5-J2 One Sixth Scale figure. This droid looks spot on and should be a welcomed addition to the collection. Read on for more!

Check out these new photos of R5-J2, the latest addition to our acclaimed series of Sixth Scale Star Wars Collectibles!

We know that a lot of Star Wars fans have a section of their collection devoted to the Empire, and we are no exception! While it’s true that the Sith Lord himself Darth Vader will always be the centerpiece of those collections (and we make an epic Darth Vader Sixth Scale Figure) we have a lot of love for his supporting cast of villains, troopers and of course, droids.

This R5 series Imperial Astromech can be first spotted in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, busily working in the hangar bay of the Death Star during Lord Vader’s unexpected visit to investigate the delayed construction. He can be seen once again in the hangar bay as the Emperor’s shuttle lands shortly afterwards.

Sadly, this hard-working little droid was destroyed during the Battle of Endor, but now you can pre-order him in his shiny prime. While the Empire’s morals might be considered questionable by some discerning Jedi, there’s no denying that they had style. Even their repair droids had a level of dash and charm that is hard to match. Outfitted in gleaming black, chrome and copper, R5-J2 is undeniably cool-looking.

He stands roughly 8.6” tall, and features a rotating head with antenna; articulated retractable all-terrain treads, and hinged panels. R5-J2 is the perfect accompaniment to R2-Q5 Sixth Scale Figure or any of our other Imperial figures, adding a little more character to the darker side of your Star Wars collection.