Bandai Tamashii Nations will be releasing a beautiful R2-D2 that will be a perfect companion to their C-3PO. While this is not cheap you will be getting a stunning R2-D2 like no other. Read on for the info and images. 

R2-D2 (A NEW HOPE) “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”, Bandai CHOGOKIN x 12 Perfect Model

A dream collaboration between Star Wars and CHOGOKIN. This accurately detailed diecast figure of the famed astromech droid R2-D2 stands 176mm (Approx 7″) tall and weighs over 2 lbs! The hatches open to reveal manipulator arms, it can transform between bipedal and tripedal modes, and eight LEDs illuminate to capture R2-D2’s trademark expressions. The plastic and diecast figure includes a cover for use when in bipedal mode, a stand, and a droid control bolt.

Product size: Approx 6.9″
Package size: Approx 9.4×9.8×5.5 in