R.I.P. Earl Norem 1924-2015

During the fun and festivities of HeroesCon, I heard the tragic news that Earl Norem passed away on Friday. He was a wonderful illustrator and his contributions to the art world will be missed.


Earl Norem’s grandson broke the sad news yesterday on the Earl Norem Art Facebook page:

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Andre Cappiello and I am Earl Norem’s Grandson. I wanted to be the one to tell you all the sad news…..Friday,June 19th my grandfather passed away, he was 92 years old. Pop was currently working on a trading card job for Mars Attacks. I thought all of his fans, who he loved, deserved to know. Pop was a gentleman, warrior and a kid at heart. I know that all of you will keep him alive in your hearts. Rest In Peace Earl Norem (Pop-Pop) “I have the POWER!”.


If you grew up as a fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, chances are that you are already familiar with Earl Norem’s artwork as he did a number of paintings that wound up in the MOTU magazine, children’s books, puzzles, etc… He also worked on similar projects for licensed properties like GI Joe and the Transformers. His Acrylic paintings of Conan graced many covers of both Conan Saga and the Savage Sword of Conan. He also worked on many other Marvel Magazines like The Hulk, Dracula Lives!, Monsters Unleashed and Tales of the Zombie (not to mention all of the non-superhero artwork he created)

His work, whether super hero, horror or just plain adventure themed has always been exciting and dynamic. I urge anyone who enjoys painted artwork to check out Earl Norem’s work.

Norem 01 MOTU Norem 02 MOTU Norem 03 MOTU Norem 04 MOTU Norem 05 Transformers Norem 06 Emergency Norem 07 Zombie Norem 08 Conan Norem 09 Norem 10 MOTU