Questions About The Legion – Comic Lover’s Wife

Part of being a comic lover’s wife involves having long, detailed conversations about comic book related characters. As most people who read this site or know us in person are aware, my hub is a giant Legion of Super-Heroes collector. This does tend to be the topic of many of our conversations. Especially now that they are re-booting the Legion and there are new books out.

Our conversation at dinner this evening started with the fact there are new outfits and Legion members for the re-boot. This led to an in-depth conversation about the original Legion members and the various substitutes and stand-bys. Hearing some of these members back stories and what their powers were stirred up some serious questions about how very quirky or downright lame they were. This of course led me to ask other questions about the Legion members. Some of which were explained to me and some of which I was told I had to take at face value.

Thinking through all this information led me to even more questions. My hub had a good time going over his answers, but I am going to list a number of them below and would welcome any comments or feedback as to possible answers.

1. If Triplicate Girl (later Duo Damsel) got pregnant, would she have multiple babies? Or one baby that could also multiply?

2. What happens when Matter-Eater Lad encounters anti-matter?

3. How did Arm Fall Off Boy get his arms back on if he took them both off? Additionally, if he could put his arms on/off, why did he not have super healing powers for the rest of his body?

4. What happens if Ferro Lad and Cosmic Boy have to team up? Wouldn’t that be counter productive?

5. If Bouncing Boy can still use his arms and legs when he is inflated, why don’t his bones break?

6. Does Shadow Lass create darkness or just bend light?

7. What was the name of the specialty karate that Karate Kid developed to do while he was flying?

8. How does Dawnstar fly in space if there is no air to use for propulsion?

9. Monstress…DC Fashionista?

10. If Gazelle and Invisible Kid did ever get together and have kids…would they have really fast kids who were invisible? Or kids who just turn invisible really fast?

11. Was Harmonia the last Airbender?

12. Does it hurt when Spider Girl shaves her legs?