Queen Azshara Cosplay as Mara Jade!

Mara Jade cosplay is one of my all time faves. When done right you can get an excellent portrayal of this iconic expanded universe character. Queen Azshara Cosplay has done just that! Check out her fantastic Mara Jade pics and as always, we take zero credit for this work as we consider ourselves a portal to new and exciting cosplayers. Remember to check out her page and show some love and support by liking it!





1385679_621333647933178_930037494_n mara_jade_cosplay_01 mara_jade_cosplay_02 mara_jade_cosplay_03 mara_jade_cosplay_04 mara_jade_cosplay_05 mara_jade_cosplay_06 mara_jade_cosplay_07 mara_jade_cosplay_09