PSA- Toys R Us and How to Respond to the Closures

Here is a friendly PSA concerning how to respond to the pending liquidation sales and store closures. Folks it’s critical that we show compassion to these people. They will be loosing their jobs, livelihoods and most importantly, their company.  The employees are not at fault for bad leadership and nor should they be held responsible. I have seen too many posts bashing local stores for the lack of details concerning their liquidations and this needs to stop. Please refrain from calling the stores about the sales and if you go into a store, be kind. I over heard some folks discussing what they will be buying when the discounts hit high. This was in earshot of employees and I could see the discord on the’re faces. Remember these fine folks are not reasonable for the action of morons (and I use that word lightly). Be kind and when you are in a store, remember how cool it was and how much fun you had shopping with friends and family. I will always hold my memories dear to me for when I worked for the company and the friendships I made. It’s a sad day when we have to remind people to act like human beings in the wake of a tragedy. Yes, Toys R Us closing is a tragedy and it hurts not only the fans but future generations who will never know the joy of shopping in a Toys R Us.