Prez Volume 2 Cancelled By DC

Prez Volume 2 cancelled by DC Comics. That was the word from writer Mark Russell on Twitter. Prez impressed us enough to name it the best series of 2015, which wasn’t an easy task, given some of the great comics that were published last year. Prez even won the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for best series. While sales were not strong, reviews were astounding and there was definite interest for the second half of the promised twelve issues to be published. DC Comics saw otherwise, so instead of the second half of the series, we’re only getting a twelve-page  “Election Special,” coinciding with our actual Presidential Election.

prez volume 2 cancelledThis is the hazard of really great, non-super-hero work being published by the big two. So much of the super-hero mindset to creating comics is ingrained within their structure that a smart, satirical comic like Prez has an uphill battle just to gain a foothold. With over a hundred regular super-hero series coming out every month, a really great comic has a hard time finding its footing.

So what are fans to do when faced with a great comic? Talk it up on the Internet, spread the word to friends, and buy it, not just in addition to your weekly pull list, but ask for it to be added. Pull lists are used by many comic shops to navigate through the phone book that is Diamond’s monthly offerings from publishers.

With Prez Volume 2 cancelled, the landscape looks mighty bleak for smart satire getting a strong presence on shelves. Mark Russell is currently incorporating it into his Flinstones series for DC, but there has been no sales figures for July made available yet. It still leaves us with the question if a smart series like Prez can’t even get its initial twelve issue commitment met, then what hope does any comic that goes against the super-hero juggernaut have?

My challenge is for creators that are out there to make their own work. Get it out on the Internet, find a publisher, or do it yourself. My challenge for readers is to stop buying bad super-hero comics. I know you like (insert super-hero here), but that is not a reason to buy a crappy comic book! Talk up the comics that you love and get the word out about what makes them so good! Talk your local comic shop about them so more copies get ordered.

We may have Prez Volume 2 cancelled, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a legacy.