PR: Pop! Television: Firefly and Supernatural

Funko is bringing Firefly to the fans in POP form and they will be coming soon! I know fans can’t get enough of the Firefly crew and here is your chance to add more POP’s to the collection. Also coming will be a Supernatural Crowley Pop. I must admit, I am a little behind on the Supernatural show but this POP looks incredible. Read on for more!

You can never have enough Firefly in your life!

In follow up to our ReAction Figures Firefly line…
We bring you the beloved sci-fi gang as a Pop! series.
These Pop!’s are a darling take on the classic Serenity crew!


Available in December!
Pop! Television: Supernatural

After many, many, many, many…
MANY requests…

We finally have a Crowley Pop!

Leave it to us to make the reigning King of Hell look absolutely adorable!

Available in December!