Power of the Primes Volcanicus Review

We’re finally at the end of our Dinobot extravaganza! Today we’re looking at the combined form of the Dinobots called Volcanicus! Read on to see how well these G1 inspired Dinobots form into a combined mode.

Starting off I wanted to take a moment and show off the trading cards that came with each of the Dinobots. I love the artwork. The back shows what powers different Prime Masters will give each Transformer. Each character has a total of twelve different card backs showing each of the different Prime Master combinations. This is kinda interesting, but honestly, I’d prefer bios for each character instead.


Here is Volcanicus in all it’s combined glory. The waist is noticeably thin looking, but otherwise this form looks decent. I like how Grimlock’s dino head becomes the chest.


Volcanicus’ head can swivel left and right. I like the look of it. It seems like something you’d expect from a King Grimlock or something like that.


The Voyager and Deluxe Prime Armor can be combined to create feet. This works well for giving extra balance to Volcanicus. It also solves the problem of what to do with four hand pieces.


Volcanicus has a good amount of articulation. The waist plate has two hinges on it so it can get out of the way of the hip joints. Since the deluxe Dinobots that form the arms have a waist swivel, that means the lower arms can swivel too.




Each of the deluxe Dinobots combine into Volcanicus using the same ports Combiner Wars Transformers used. This means that not only can you use different Dinobots for different limbs on Volcanicus, but you can even combine them with Combiner Wars figures!


Here we’ve swapped out Volcanicus’ arms and legs. Each deluxe Dinobot has instructions to become either an arm or a leg.


There are some bad points with Volcanicus and they basically are all in the arms. The shoulders plug into Grimlock’s Dino chest halves. The weight of Volcanicus’ arms cause the shoulders to unplug from these parts. This causes the shoulders to become fiddly and flop around a bit.

Another issue is that the dino halves that make up the lower arms don’t always stay together. Sometimes you wind up with the split arms as seen here. Both of these are more irritating that really problematic and can be plugged back together easily.


A much larger potential issue is that I started noticing the combiner port on Grimlock appears to be separating. I believe this is due to the weight of the Volcanicus arm and because the port is a two piece assembly. It’s always possible that this particular piece was separated a bit on my Grimlock this whole time and I hadn’t noticed, but I fear that over time, it may snap or get so loose that an arm won’t stay locked in anymore.


So is Volcanicus worth it? Yes and No. I absolutely love all of the individual Dinobots and everything each of them can do. (Even with Grimlock’s massive tail) But Volcanicus falls a little short for me. The fiddly arm issues kinda make it hard to enjoy. The articulation is nice and it has a good balance for poses, but I would suggest getting all of the Dinobots for their individual modes.

Also, You’ll notice Slash doesn’t make an appearance there. There is no official mode for combining Slash into Volcanicus. I have heard there are fan modes that make her a jetpack, but I haven’t looked into those yet.





Volcanicus and Slash


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