Power of the Primes Grimlock Review

Starting today, we’ve got a 7 part review series showcasing Transformers Power of the Primes Dinobots. Kicking it off is the king, Grimlock!

Grimlock is the only Dinobot in the Voyager class and as such he is the largest of them all (as he should be) This also means he’s the main body part for the Dinobots’ combined form of Volcanicus (That’ll be part seven of this series)


In Robot Mode, Grimlock looks just as you would hope he would, large and powerful. He has the classic G1 styled appearance and judging on his back kibble, he appears to transform much in the same way the G1 version does.



The articulation on Grimlock is really good, especially around the arms. The shoulders have a wonderful range of motion.


I was surprised to find that Grimlock’s head can look up and down a bit along with moving side to side. The up and down movement is subtle as there isn’t a ton of room at the base of his head, but it’s enough to be noticeable.


Grimlock’s Robot Mode is really good, but does seem a little top heavy. I don’t really have a problem with that though.


Now for Grimlock’s Dino Mode. Just like the Robot Mode, it’s got that classic appearance.


The head looks a lot like the G1 version. The details are on point.


From the waist up, Grimlock’s Dino Mode is perfect! It’s got the detailing you’d want. The tiny arms have ball joints to move around a bit. The head and jaw moves, everything is great.

But when we look at the waist down we see the biggest flaw in Grimlock. The proportions are WAY off! The bottom half of Grimlock’s Dino Mode is much larger than the top half. It’s jarring to see, especially at this angle.


In Dino Mode, Grimlock has two small Titan Master/Prime Master pegs at the base of his tail.


Grimlock comes with three accessories. The two black pieces are called Prime Armor. The silver piece is called Dinobot Enigma according to the back of the box. Each armor piece can have the Dinobot Enigma plugged into it just like a Prime Master/Titan Master. I assume this is part of the story where the Prime Masters can offer boosts when plugged in to each Transformer.


The Prime Armor can attach to Grimlock in either mode. In Dino Mode, they attach to his legs. In Robot Mode they attach to his forearms. Same pieces really. The armor pieces are ok. For me though, they’re really part of Volcanicus and not Grimlock.


Grimlock has a few different stickers all over him. The stickers are factory applied and are very reminiscent of the old G1 stickers. Unfortunately that includes the possibility of the edges peeling up and such. I’ve noticed the stickers on the bot legs in particular may have this problem in the future. They hang off slightly on the edges.

Thankfully, the Autobot symbol on Grimlock’s chest is a paint app and not a sticker. If this were two stickers, it would just look bad and be prone to falling off after time.


All in all, I really like Grimlock in Robot Mode. I really want to like the Dino Mode, but the giant tail really takes away from the figure. I’m loving the posability in Bot Mode. The accessories feel a little “bare bones” to me though. I wish we got a sword with Grimlock instead of just the Prime Armor. Overall, he’s a fun figure with a lot of nice details.


Grimlock Fan Mode

Excuse my fan mode Grimlock here. I’m a fan of knock off Heman figures and this just screams KO Blast-Attak from MOTU to me.


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