Power of the Primes Dinobot Snarl Review

We’ve got a new Power of the Primes Dinobot Review for you today. We’re looking at the Stegosaurus of the team, Snarl!

Like the other Dinobots, Snarl has a classic G1 appearance here. I would say that in relation to the original toy, this one looks a little elongated. (Not that that’s a bad thing)


Just like Slug, all of the details on Snarl are painted and not stickers. I am a big fan of this and think almost all of the modern Transformers should have this. Generations Whirl being the exception as I loved the variety of stickers you could use for him.


Snarl’s head can look down and swivel side to side. It can’t look up too much though.


As with most of these new Dinobots, Snarl has a great amount of articulation. The shoulders are, once again, exceptional there. I love that these Dinobots are so posable. The vintage ones were so brick-like.


Snarl has a two toned paint app to some of his clear pieces. Instead of just gold, these have gold and silver paint. The effect is pretty cool and still one of my favorites with the new Dinobots.


Dinobot Snarl Sword

A SWORD! Snarl comes with his Energo Sword! The sword is clear plastic and looks very much like his G1 version. While the original was red, I assume the new one is clear to try to convey that it is full of energy. That would make sense with the original’s name. It could just be that it looked cool being clear, who knows.


Of course there is also Prime Armor included. This is exactly like Slug’s Prime Armor with one exception. The handle/plug on this one is a gold color instead of black. It can also be plugged into Snarl’s chest.


Snarl’s Dinobot Mode looks good. It’s very similar to the original. The back legs are a little odd as the “feet” are sculpted at an angle. I assume this is so they are not in the way of the Bot hands. This is the first instance of a Dinobot having gold parts that aren’t clear plastic like the others. Snarl’s spines/solar collectors on his back are plain gold plastic. While I love the clear plastic gold look, this works well with Snarl. I think if the spines had the clear look, it would appear odd to me.




Much like the original toy, Snarl’s weapons can be plugged into his Dino hips.


On Snarl’s back there are four Prime Master pegs. Two are on the red part. The other two are on two of the spines. These spines have hinges so they can swivel down to become platforms for the Prime Masters to stand on.


I’m so happy we have a Dinobot with a sword! Even if you took away the sword, Snarl would be a great figure though. Hasbro is doing great with the articulation on these Dinobots. Add in the nice details (Sculpted and painted) and you have awesome figures. It’s so nice having figures from your childhood that can do more than the ones you grew up with.


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