Power of the Primes Dinobot Sludge Review

Today we’re looking at the Brontosaurus of the Dinobots, Sludge! Is this Thunder Lizard still one of the stronger Dinobots? Read On!

Sludge looks a lot like his G1 appearance even including the wing kibble the original had.


Sludge’s head can only swivel side to side. The base of the head is much wider than I remember the original ever being. It does have some good detailing though.


The Robot Mode has a lot of articulation and posability. The knees may not be able to make any acute angles, but you don’t really need those for a character like Sludge.


Sludge comes with the exact same Blaster that Slug comes with. There is a very slight difference in color between the two (dark black vs not so dark black) but to be honest, I didn’t notice the difference right away so I don’t know which came with who. While this gun doesn’t look like Sludge’s original gun, it still works well.

We also have the same Prime Armor piece that came with all of the other Deluxe Class Dinobots. It can be plugged into Sludge’s chest or used as a weapon.


This Brontosaurus Dino Mode looks a lot like the original version. I do want to talk about a potential issue with Sludge and Slug, namely their Dino Tails. The way both of these tails transform is with a dual hinge area. One hinge goes one way, while the other moves at a 90 degree angle from the previous one. Each half of the tail has this dual hinge and there’s some thin areas in these parts. (Especially on the clear part of Sludge’s tail, Slug’s tail is a bit thicker) I would just express caution when transforming the dino tails on these two Transformers. I can see these being broken parts in the future.


We have the clear gold on the head here again. The rear legs are full clear like Snarl’s front legs, but these are primarily silver. As always, the dual detailing on these clear parts is nice to see.


Sludge has two small Titan/Prime Master pegs on his back. Unlike some of the previous Dinobots, these pegs are so close together, they appear to be for only one Prime Master figure. There isn’t really enough room to have two standing on the pegs next to each other.


You can use the holes on Sludge’s hips to hold the Blaster or the Prime Armor. There’s also holes on either side of the Dino body that can hold these weapons as well. I don’t really see myself doing this but it’s a nice option to have.


I always liked the original Sludge figure. This one hits all of the same buttons for me (mainly the Brontosaurus form) but there’s also a lot better articulation now. Thus far, this figure is keeping up the fun and cool factor I’ve been experiencing with all of the Power of the Primes Dinobots.


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