Power of the Primes Dinobot Slash Review

Continuing with our Dinobot Extravaganza, we’re looking at the newest member of the team, Slash! Will a Transformer movie inspired character be a good fit with this G1 styled team? Read on!

Slash is the first female Dinobot figure and is inspired by the movie character of the same name. She is a Legends Class scaled figure so she is the smallest member of the Dinobots. Since this is a new character, there’s no comparison to previous figure appearances. The robot mode has a heavy G1 Dinobot style.


It wasn’t until I learned that Slash is a female, that I noticed the face sculpt does have a feminine quality to it. The head turns left and right.


For such a small figure, Slash has about as much articulation as any of the other Dinobots! The legs and arms have ball joints, swivel joints and hinge joints. Due to the transformation, She can even point her toes.


Slash’s shoulders have the clear gold deco like the other Dinobots. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but her shoulders remind me of Samus from Metroid.

Slash in a Samus Aran pose


Slash’s Dino Mode is a Velociraptor. This is one of my favorite dinosaurs thanks to Jurassic Park and Slash looks perfect as one. The colorization and details make her look like a true G1 Dinobot.


Like all the Dinobots (Except for Grimlock) Slash’s dino head is clear gold. The mouth opens and closes also. The head can swivel up, but doesn’t look down.


Slash has a hinged door for her dino back that opens up. This creates a seat for any Titan/Prime Master to sit.


The dino mode has a lot of articulation since the legs are the robot arms. However, you can only get a couple of poses due to the balance of the body. The dino arms can swivel up and down as well.


I really like Slash. The colors are perfect for a G1 inspired Dinobot. The articulation in robot mode is wonderful and the dino mode is cool looking. There isn’t much more I could ask for in a new Dinobot.



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