Power of the Primes Breakdown (Spoilers Ahead)

A lot of cool things came from SDCC this year. But today I am going focus on the third installment of the Prime Wars trilogy; Power of the Primes. We have already shown you guys the promotional images that came from Hasbro a few days ago now, but the question still stands, what are they? What’s the “gimmick” this time around? What will expect down the line? Well, a few of my friends at Tformers.com seemed to crack the code and we are here to share it. I caution you now that I will be talking about a leak that occurred just earlier today along with this, so if you do not want future waves of this line spoiled, do not read this through the end.

So what is Power of the Primes? This new will feature Prime Masters (AKA: Titan Masters). The Prime Masters embody power of the gods, the sparks of the Primes themselves, whose Hot-foil-stamped emblems are imprinted on them. The Prime Masters pricepoint includes Decoy Suits – essentially mini-Pretenders. So just like the Titan Master/mini-con you can buy now, they can be incorporated to your existing Titans Return figures in all very similar ways.

It also looks like our leader class figures are changing a little bit. Rhodimus Prime, for example, is said to be a deluxe size figure of Hot Rod that the trailer will break down and attach to in robot mode to become Rhodimus Prime. All leader class figure have been announced to come with their own Matrix aswell. We are getting our Combiners back too! If you look closely at the promo images in our other post, you will notice combiner pegs just like how the Deluxe size figures were in chapter one: Combiner Wars. So after everything is said and done, it looks like the final chapter of the Prime Wars will be a combination of the two previous chapters incorporating both the Titan Masters and Combiners.

Now for the spoilers. If you don’t want future waves of this chapter ruined for you, this is where you should stop. It looks like a leak came through showing off the first four waves of Power of the Primes’ Prime Masters, Legends, Deluxe, Voyager, Leader, and Titan Class figures.


Wave 1:

MICRONUS PRIME with Autobot Cloudburst
LIEGE MAXIMO with Skullgrin
VECTOR PRIME with Metalhawk

Wave 2
ALCHEMIST PRIME with Submarauder
ALPHA TRION with Landmine

Wave 3

QUINTUS PRIME with Bludgeon
MEGATRONUS with Bomb-Burst
SOLUS PRIME with Octo-Punch


Wave 1

Dinobot Slash

Wave 2

Roadtrap – (It looks as though these will combine into the G1 Duocon Battletrap. -RAC)
Tailgate (We’re also not sure about this one, but it appears to be a white figure from the Windcharger mold.)

Wave 3

Outback (Considering this wave is nearly a year off and these images were never meant to be seen by the public, we wouldn’t read too much into his still having Brawn’s head.)


Wave 1

Dinobot Slug, AKA Slag
Dinobot Swoop
Autobot Jazz

Wave 2

Dinobot Snarl
Dinobot Sludge

Wave 3:


Wave 4

Novastar (G1 Female Autobot Firestar)


Wave 1


Wave 2

Elita-1 (Who appears to be a Starscream remold, but it’s definitely too early to say.)

Wave 3

Inferno (Recolor of Combiner Wars Hot Spot)


Wave 1

Optimus Prime
Rodimus Prime

Wave 2

Optimus Prime (CF) (We don’t know what “CF” stands for, as not all the other repacked figures shown in the wave have that designation. But it seems likely it stands for “Carry Forward,” indicating these figures are straight repacks from earlier waves.)
Rodimus Unicronus (Presented as a purple-tinted recolor of Rodimus Prime. Hopefully it’ll be the black, purple and teal color scheme seen on Lost Light Rodimus. It’s probably inspired by the UK G1 comics story where Rodimus Prime contained Unicron within himself to stop him.)

Wave 3

Optimus Primal (Represented here as I hoped: a Deluxe-sized Season one Optimus who then combines with a larger body to become Optimal Optimus!)
Rodimus Prime (CF)


Comprised of five Voyager-sized figures, Predaking also reveals a story point: that he will gain possession of the Matrix of Leadership. It also reveals that one of the figures will come with the Enigma of Combination, which Predaking can store along with the Matrix.

So there we go. This is all apparenly real, and odds are good HasCon, NYCC, and Toy Fair will all contain very few surprises for us outside of seeing the combined forms of the Dinobots and Abominus. Enjoy!