Possible G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Line Coming……

Take this with a grain of salt, as this is unconfirmed information, but over onĀ Fighting 118th, Duffman spoke with a Hasbro representative at San Diego ComicCon (who wasn’t Derryl DePriest). That rep acknowledged some possible plans for 2014 concerning the GI Joe brand.

  • 2014 will have a 50th Anniversary line
  • 2014 figures will sport a 50th Anniversary Logo on the packaging
  • Discussions have taken place to possibly have the figure line to be exclusively at Target
  • Kreo will continue to be a Toys R Us exclusive
  • G.I.Joe 3 plans have started and will be supported by a figure line


Remember ALL of this information is unconfirmed ,and more than likely will remain that way until Toy Fair. it is very possible that one rep might not be aware of changes in the brand and these “plans” could have changed without them knowing. Remember Hasbro is a big organization and info could fall through the cracks. GI JOE fans are starving for information and I am sure we will get something down the line.