Pokemon Go Takes the World by Storm

Pokemon Go is available and taking the world by storm. Pokemon Go is one of the most anticipated games for the last year making thousands of aspiring new trainers to wait since the announcement of its release at a Nintendo celebration for 20 years of Pokemon. Young and old alike are taking to the streets, parks, and beaches finding Pokemon all around the world.

Pokemon Go is made by Niantic (also made Ingress for mobile devices) in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. This newest installment to the already widely popular JRPG styled game for handhelds is a little different from its previous family members.

Pokemon go 2

As you can see from this screen capture that was taken, the map is made up of the real world around you capitalizing on GPS and location based settings to map your home, work, and play areas into the game.

Right now the game is fairly basic, missing alot of features for the time being that Pokemon veterans have grown to love over the years. Features like trading and 1v1 trainer battles are mentioned to be added to the game after future updates. The game does feature Augmented Reality (AR) to show the Pokemon in your world around you.

Pokemon go 1

You still catch these Pokemon, collect, train, and evolve them.

Pokemon go 3

The Pokemon collected include most of the original 150 or Generation one Pokemon with hopes to see more in future updates. The game is very fun and has me going outside with my group of friends for hours on end, walking for the whole time, and making all kinds of new friends in the process.