Playmobil Dragons Toothless Review

Have you seen the new Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World yet? If not then you are missing something special. This is the 3rd film in the series and we are introduced to some major new characters such as Light Fury. With this release we have new toys and today we are focusing on one in particular Dragon; Toothless! He, is by far, the best Dragon character to date and one company has perfected this character in toy form. Let me introduce you to Playmobil’s Dragons Toothless! 

Playmobil has taken that age old concept of imaginative play and produced one fine toy. This my friends is by far the most elegant Toothless I have ever seen. No Im not blowing smoke on this one and here are the facts on what makes this toy rock. 

  • LED Lighting
  • 20 inch wingspan
  • a baby Dragon!!
  • interchangeable parts figure 
  • A very impressive LED lighting (yes, we already mentioned this but trust me, there is more than just basic LED lighting

With all of the above you have a solid figure folks! The LED lighting is amazing AND if you turn a black light on this fella, you will be surprised on what you see! The overall effects of this figure is awesome to say the least. Afterall, we do have a character called a Light Fury so yes, Playmobil executed this one well. I hope the images showcase the LED affects and if not, get one and try it out yourself! Trust me you will like this one. 

Also before we get ahead of ourselves, this set comes with a rider (Hiccup) and a baby Light Fury* spoiler!!) The figure is interchangeable and you can have Hiccup with his helmet on or off and you can change his hair. Playmobil is well known for their quality products so if you are familiar with their figures, you already know this is a solid piece.  I personally like his flaming sword and we all know Hiccup is the hero! 

Overall this set is amazing. The star of the set is Toothless but children and adults alike will be going back and forth with all these wonderful characters. I just love the fact that Playmobil is enabling children to relive the film and I love that it spurs imagination. For the adult collectors, you will love the details of the Dragon and the LED affects. Oh and on a side note, the Dragon does have projectiles to shoot so this is indeed a major win! Now if you will excuse me, I need to go set up this set and start planning for more! Like Pokemon, you have to collect them all! Now for the images!