Playmates Voltron Classic Review

The past few weeks we’ve looked at the individual lions from Playmates Voltron Classic 84 line. Today we’re looking at the combined might of VOLTRON, DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE!



The Playmates Voltron looks great! It’s got the classic appearance down pat. The only slight issue I have with this Voltron, is that the silver part of the torso seems slightly too long. I think this is due to the speaker for the electronics in the black lion.


The back of Playmates Voltron shows one of the aspects I really like about this figure, the wings have notches in them like the old Matchbox version so that they aren’t hindered by the Black Lion’s shoulders/legs.




While setting up for these pictures, I found out something wonderful about the Playmates Voltron. If you have the Black Lion’s electronics on, the chest lights up and different audio clips will play when you press the shoulders inward. The main audio clip that seems to play is the Voltron formation audio clip. All of this happens without hitting the actual button on the Black Lion! This is something I was hoping for and am super happy to find out about it since I don’t remember seeing anything about this in the instructions or on the packaging.

Playmates Voltron is very poseable. There are double jointed knees, swivel cuts in the thighs, even Voltron’s “toes” can be pointed. The “arms” have swivel wrists, swivel/hinge elbows and swivel/hinge shoulders (The shoulders do have some limitations, but still have a good range of motion)




The Blazing Sword and Shield have the same pegs on the handles as the individual lion mouth blades. This means the Playmates Voltron can securely hold both weapons.








Due to the springs in the jaws/hands, Playmates Voltron can hold the old Panosh Place Blazing Sword with ease.


There’s really no comparison between the Playmates Voltron and the Panosh Place Voltron. Playmates Voltron has absolutely over taken the Panosh Place Voltron as my favorite Voltron! It’s better proportioned, taller and way more articulated!

I highly suggest picking up this Voltron if you can get a hold of it. Buying the individual lions at retail will run you around $100 (Maybe a little less or more depending what store you buy them from) But he is definitely worth it! The Playmates Voltron may not be the biggest transforming Voltron out there (I believe the Matty Collector one holds that title) but at 16″ tall, you get a lot of bang for your buck.


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