Playmates TMNT Monsters + Mutants Reviews Coming in October

Playmates was gracious enough to send us an assortment of their Monster + Mutants Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures and this October we are reviewing them all! Each week for October we will showcase 1 figure and the final week we will have 2! We will be kicking things off with Vampire Raph and finish up with both Monster Hunters Leo and Raph. Look for these to hit any day now and I know we will have some fun with these guys! 

  • Monster Hunter Leo (comes with a pair of daggers and his signature katanas)
  • Monster Hunter Raph (comes fully disguised, with a detachable machine gun)
  • Mutant Mummy Leo (comes with a sword and a deadly golden cobra)
  • Werewolf Mikey (comes with a set of bone nunchuks and a slice of pizza)
  • Frankendon (Monstrously mutated Frankendon comes with a bo staff)
  • Vampire Raph (Mutated into a vampire, Raph comes fanged and cloaked, with a dagger, a sai, and a vampire bat buddy)